Make Networking a Part of Who You Are


The art of networking involves developing relationships over time.

Most companies have their sales people going to tons of networking events. Yet, this should extend throughout the entire company.

Networking is the very best means to expand your business. The quantity of growth is unfathomable due to the fact that the sky is the limit when developing partnerships. It has been around since the beginning of time. The better job you do the more people talk about you.

However, you can take this method to a whole new level. Networking enables you to produce your personal sales team, style your personal marketing strategy, educate your sales team as well as above all be responsible for customer service.

Way to many people go to these events to sale. They think that people will be open to their products and services. That is actually a huge turn off. You really need to connect with people. Maybe share a memorable story that will stick with them. Those are the relationships you want. Don’t be forgettable.

Use a persons business card as a tool. Ask them questions about what they are trying to accomplish and the type of customer they are looking to reach. Jot down that info in front of them. This will show that you have a genuine interest in helping them. They will in turn be guided to do the same. If you find they ask nothing about you then they are probably not a good partnering fit.

A follow up email after networking is essential. Do this for each business card you collected. Thank them for sharing their stories and either ask them for a face to face or try to attach them with others that are dealing with the same types of clients.

Remember there are opportunities to network everywhere. Don’t just set aside meetings and events. Make this a part of who you are and you will see your business grow.